We are indebted to our volunteers. Please step up if you can help out!

Here are our current volunteers:

Craig Brownhill
Craig is, in effect, our construction foreman. He is the man that makes things happen regarding our ATV bridge building initiative at the Upper Eldred River at the approach to the Lausanne Pass

Louise Fribance
Louise looks after our communications with members and “friends”. She is currently developing a second communications list for our growing list of “Advocates”.  Louise used to work as a graphic designer so she does some art work for our website and elsewhere.  She also is an active contributor to our Facebook page

Richard Furness
In addition to being our Secretary and a Director, Richard edits all our correspondence and contributes to our website and presentation material

Art Palm
Art is our nominating committee coordinator

Colin Palmer
Not only a Director, Colin acts as our chief diplomat in our dealings with government organizations

Lynn Paris
Lynn is our recording secretary at our Director’s meetings. She also writes articles and helps out with our website. In her real life she has an accounting business

David Rees
In addition to serving as a Director, David is the registrar for our Advocates program.

Volunteers Currently Needed

Advocates. The majority of our advocates play fairly passive roles. They stay up to date by receiving more regular communications than our periodic newsletters and they promote the road with their friends and associates.  From time to time they may recruit additional friends, members and                advocates.  Some of our advocates are more active. They seek out audiences, make or assist with presentations and generate support for our cause.

Researchers. As we advance our case, we need to clearly document important facts.  This is a complex area, so some academic skills are required. Our current needs are to:

  • Increase and expand our research regarding average annual daily traffic volumes on BC Highways.  What we have prepared so far can be seen here.
  • Develop improved research regarding the potential impact of the road on volumes of goods transported by the road and the impact on trans-shipping.