The individuals listed below have stood up to be counted as advocates of our proposed road. They are available to anyone who wishes to more fully understand why the proposed highway would benefit the whole Province. If you would like to become an advocate yourself, please contact us.


Adamack, Tom, retired, Powell River
Allen, Bob, Businessman, Powell River
Allen, Glenn, Surveyor, Powell River
Alsgard, Stewart, Captain, Royal Canadian Navy (retired), former member of the Senate of the University of British Columbia and former Mayor, City of Powell River
Amato, Colleen, Registered Nurse, Powell River
Amato, Gino, Forest Technician, Powell River
Amundsen, Eric, Electrician, Powell River
Arthur, Gordon, BCF engineer (retired), Powell River
Astrope, Bob, former Councillor, City of Powell River
Baird, Leslie, Mayor, Village of Cumberland
Belanger, Kelly, Partner, Old Courthouse Inn & Edie Rae’s Café
Borch, Carol, Courtenay
Brabazon, Patrick, Pilot (retired), Chair, Powell River Regional District
Brosseau, J P, Partner, Old Courthouse Inn & Edie Rae’s Cafe
Campbell, Dona, Psychiatric Nurse (retired), Powell River
Carlson, Joyce, Publisher (retired), Powell River
Carr, Cory, Investment Advisor, Powell River
Cowan, Ross, Investment Analsyst (retired), Courtenay
Craig, Lorne, Owner, Blue Tree Lube, Powell River


Davidson, Jaydee, Magazine publisher (retired), Powell River
Dees, Sean & Ruth, owners, Breakwater Books, Powell River
Della Maestra, Claudio, Maintenance engineer, Syncrude, Powell River
Devita, Dan, Realtor and owner of Texada Inn, Texada Island
Dickinson, Garry, Businessman, Abbotsford
Dickson, Ken, Civil Engineer (retired), Powell River
Dollevoet, Taylor, Store manager, The Brick, Powell River
Dyble, Dan, Businessman, Powell River
Dyble, Heather, Retired, Powell River
Dyke, Valerie, Courtenay
Ellis, Bruce, Engineer (retired), Courtenay
English, Lisanne, Businesswoman, Powell River
English, Tod, Businessman, Powell River
Fennell, Gail, Businesswoman (retired), Powell River
Foulds, Ellis, Proprietor, El’s AutoTec, Powell River
Formosa, Dave, Businessman, Mayor, City of Powell River
Fribance, Gary, Chartered Accountant, Powell River
Fribance, Louise, Graphic Artist, Powell River
Furness, Richard, Editor (retired), Powell River


Genttner, Joyce, Insurance assistant (retired), Powell River
Graham, Brian, Teacher (retired), Powell River
Greene, Andy, Timber Scaler (retired), Powell River
Harper, Dave, Realtor (retired), Powell River
Hay, Tom, Structural engineer, Powell River
Hindle, Anna & Doug, owners, Hindle’s, Powell River
Huetzelmann, Joe, Contractor, Powell River
Hull, Pat, General Manager, RONA, Powell River


Jensen, Pamela, Bookkeeper, Powell River
Johnson, Kevin, Manager, NAPA Auto Parts, Powell River
Judson, Anne, Courtenay
Kelly, Dave, Chemical engineer, Courtenay
Kimmel, Robert, Insurance executive (retired), Powell River
Kinley, Verne, Businessman (retired), Powell River
Kubany, Walter, Powell River
Lasure, Lesley, Counsellor, Inclusion Powell River
Lee, Richard, Proprietor, Lang Bay Store, Powell River
Leishman, Myrna, former Councillor, City of Powell River


Mackie, Beth, Registered Nurse (retired), Powell River
Mackie, Brian, Pacifica Papers (retired), Powell River
McCormick, Sandy, Director, Powell River Regional District
McLoughney, Ted, Maintenance, Powell River
McMillan, Chris, General Manager, Pacific Point Market, Powell River
Medd, Ryan, Vice President, RWM Industrial Services, Gibsons
Mitchell, Peter. Mitchell Bros Merchants, Powell River
Mostat, Donald, Catalyst (retired), Powell River
Muncaster, Patrick, Consultant, Gibsons
Murray, Robin, Businessman, Powell River
Neufeld, Sam, Teacher (retired), Powell River
Nutall, Joan, Caregiver (retired), Powell River
Ouelette, Bev, Teacher, Comox


Palm, Art, Catalyst (retired), Powell River
Palm, Jim, Teacher, Councillor, City of Powell River
Palmer, Colin, Businessman, Director, Powell River Regional District
Paris, Lynn, Accounting services, Administrator, Okeover
Harbour Authority, Powell River
Phillips, Steve, General Manager and Golf Professional, Myrtle
Point Golf Club, Powell River
Rees, Barb, author, Powell River
Rees, Dave, Catalyst (retired), Powell River
Rekve, Melissa, Caregiver, Courtenay
Rekve, Knut & Donna, retired, Powell River
Richardson, Rob, retail employee, Powell River


Schachter, Paul, Mediator, Victoria
Senft, Dennis, Powell River
Siebert, Rae, Courtenay
Sigouin, Kevin, Vice President-Insurance, Powell River
Skipper, Peter, educator and principal (retired), Nanaimo
Skorey, Margarete, born & raised in Powell River
Skorey, Sharlene, born & raised in Powell River
Smith, Clayton, Corrosion technologist, Comox
Snow, Anne, owner, Sunland by the Sea, Lund
Southcott, Rob, Paramedic Chief, Councillor, City of Powell River
Thomas, Trisha, Manager, RONA, Powell River
Towie, Bob, Electrician (retired), Powell River


Walker, Brian, Logger, retired, Powell River
Walker, Tom, Performing Arts manager, Courtenay
Wheeler, Tom, Businessman, (retired), Courtenay
Whittaker, Jim, logger and road-builder, Squamish
Wolyneic, Diane & Paul, Powell River


Yee, Emily, Businesswoman, Powell River
Yule, Jay, Superintendent, School District 47 (Powell River)