After many years of effort (see Milestones in our History), we incorporated in 2006.  Since then we have broadened our membership and our campaigns.  Submissions to provincial, regional and local governments, and many in the private sector, have resulted in substantial moral and financial support for a new highway that connects Highways 101 and 99 via a route around the end of Jervis Inlet.

Other groups have campaigned for a road link between the Sea to Sky area and the lower Sunshine Coast that would replace the Langdale ferry.  Both roads can be financed from saving accruing to B C Ferries and federal cost sharing.  Tolls will offset maintenance costs.

B C’s mainland access to the coast would be materially increased and a new connection between our coastal and interior communities will be a benefit to the entire province.

The B C Government is about to commission a study to verify the feasibility, costs and benefits of the various proposals.  We believe the needed highways can become a reality in our lifetime.

It is time to demonstrate high public support for these projects.  Please get involved… click here.

Choose your degree of involvement.  There are several options.

  • Become a “Friend” of the Society, receive our periodic newsletter, and keep up to date with our progress.
  • Join the Society and cast your vote at our annual meetings.  A growing membership shows government that community support for our road is growing.
  • Be an Advocate.  Currently, about 30 individuals have become advocates of the road, and some have recruited additional advocates, the essence of growing support.  To see our advocates, click here.  Don’t hesitate to add your name to the list!
  • Volunteer.  We could use help in a number of areas.  If you have some skills, interest, and time, please contact us.  Perhaps you have some ideas, as well.  Call President Gary at 604 487 0821.
  • Donate.   If you are able to help financially, we would be grateful.  Any and all amounts are appreciated.  Contributions over $200 are recognized on our website and elsewhere, although you may also donate anonymously.



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